"What the hell have I gotten myself into?" Brian thought as he posed for the cameraman. He wanted to yell and cuss at everyone involved with this happening. It was humiliating enough having to deal with such an overly sexed up body, but now he was forced to do degrading stuff like this.

When he was forcibly put into this woman's body things had gone from bad to worse. The men responsible for doing this to him had threatened his life, and even threatened to put him into a more unpleasant body if he didn't cooperate. What other choice did he have? All he could hope was that they weren't going to force him to do anything too sexual. "You look beautiful, Laroosa. Just keep posing like that or else." The cameraman told him. He knew that he had to keep quiet or else things would get ugly. Every little thing that they were doing was being recorded by someone, and he didn't want to kick the hornets nest. 


  1. ".... Although, the weight, size, shape & sensitivity of of his 'DD-hives" was not exactly unpleasant, even getting some of his new 'honey' to flow as the crotch of his clingy bikini-bottom combed the hot leather between his smooth, sexy brown thighs! ..."

    Short, simple & to the point...I think. Totally beautiful look, sweetie!


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