Not Funny

"Hey man, this isn't funny." Nick said to his neighbor, Kara.

The former jock was a bit more than shocked when he found himself in the chubby body of his neighbor, Kara. Aside from the fact that he was now female; he couldn't deny that the extra weight was a bit hard to get used to. Especially since Kara liked flaunting his well toned body whenever she saw him. Which only served to make him more self aware of his fat folds, and bulging stomach. Now as he poured through Kara's files, he came across various spell book pages that explained things better. 

Apparently: she felt lost in her own body. Not only did she hate being chubby, she hated being a woman too. Kara was planning on stealing a male body for some time. Unfortunately that body belonged to her neighbor, Nick. What made things even worse was how insensitive she was to his feelings regarding the matter. All she seemed to care about was bullying him, and flaunting his own body to mock him.


  1. "... "What's up, Fluff-n-Stuff?" jibed Kara as she came in to her former house without knocking, knowing that 'Kara's' folks wouldn't be home from work for hours and that Nick would be alone there. "Gonna get a fill for my water bottle, Bubbles."

    Nick had been watching his former body jog along their street and into the house as he daydreamed about what his fit, muscular body had felt like, and wishing he's been a bit nicer to Kara before. "Sure thing, stud" he replied in the sweet, alto voice he'd become accustomed to hearing come from his new mouth. "Grab yourself...a couple bottles of water from the counter, Miss. Meat."

    Kara grinned broadly, grabbing her crotch with one hand and a bottle of water with the other. "One-hundred percent pure beef injection here," she taunted, then took the cap off and chugged the half-liter bottle in one go before grabbing another and opening it to sip more slowly this time. "Whatchya been doin', Nick; Pettin' your pussy while watching this fine, male specimen run past your new digs?"

    It was only in each-others' presence that the two were able to refer to the true person in their bodies, and they would trade barbs and taunts constantly so, Nick slid his small hands up the smooth skin of his legs and pulled his skirt along his thick thighs. "You mean the way you pull your pud to the thought of pumping my plushness?" his question struck Kara with the intended effect as Nick lifted his heavy juggs from their braless perch inside his top. "*giggle* Looks like that is something you've thought about, girly-man!"

    Kara's hand shot to her stiffening manhood as she lustily watched her former body play with 'her' massive breasts. "What the hell're you doin' with my 'fatty-fun-bags', Nick?!" she asked trying to stop her hand from aggravating the rigid need under her b-ball shorts. "Put your top back on an..."

    "They're MY 'fatty-fun-bags' now; Aren't they... 'Nick'!?" purred Nick before pulling his nipples together and up to where his tongue could give each a quick lick. "But, I am willing to share them with you, Kara... Since you'll need my - and only my - help to get that..." his eyes aimed straight at Kara's bulge, "...under control, gurlfriend."

    "Ohmygod, you...found the book! What spe... You haven't used a..." Kara held up the water bottle in her hand, still stroking her stiff shaft with the other, "... A love potion!?"

    "Hahaha! You wish, beyotch! No. just an aphrodesiac called, "Lust the one you're with," replied Nick as he spread his thick, smooth thighs to reveal his naked mons to its former owner. "And the book is hidden where you'll never find it, Kara. So, since I know you'll never give me my body back, there's no reason I can't still enjoy it from this side. Now, bring that steely thing over here or take your insatiable blue balls home... Until you realize they'll only find release under my manipulation!" ..."



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