Strange Vial

"Damn potion!" Greg said as he took off the vest to see the damage.
When he found that vial of goo in his attic, he was persuaded into trying it. His mind filled with prospects of becoming a super hero, or becoming incredibly handsome. Now as he looked at his transformed body, he realized what a horrible mistake it was to drink that stuff. "No super powers, but I definitely have super tits! Man, this is fucked." He scoffed at his reflection in the mirror, "Thanks a lot, brain. Great idea to drink strange shit you find in the attic." His eyes widened when he noticed his breasts were still growing. 
"Shit, shit, shit! They're getting bigger!" He grabbed the empty vial and threw it. Unfortunately for him, there was no way to reverse the change. He'd be stuck in his busty form for the forseeable future.

Wrong Shake

"Holy shit, look at these tits..." Zack thought as he rubbed both of them together.
When he bought that strange protein shake from the store, he was promised that it would help promote muscle strength. Imagine his surprise when his body started getting fatter, and fatter; especially in the chest area. All of the hard work put into that exercise regimen seemed to go to hell faster than he could count. Years of toning his body were completely gone, but the shake wasn't done yet. Not only did he lose his muscle, but he was gaining other things; such as breasts, and what appeared to be a working vagina. He was horrified at the extreme changes to his body, but he couldn't seem to stop them. 
When all was said and done: Zack had turned into a chubby, Asian woman with massive tits. As his mind began to wander, he could feel a craving in the pit of his stomach, and an aching in his pussy. "I definitely could go for something to eat." He giggled at the prospect of …

Change For The Better

"What's there to say? This suit latched onto me, and transformed me into some demented, dominatrix Barbie." I explained to my friend, Elle. 
I wasn't going to lie, though. When the suit grafted itself onto my skin and started molding me into something a bit more suitable, I liked it. It was a bit painful, but as soon as pleasure overrided the pain, I was in heaven. It was almost like I was swimming in orgasmic bliss as the suit did it's work. Of course: I was now stuck as a woman, but it was well worth the drastic change in form. "On the plus side: I have a whole slew of new tricks I want to try out. Thanks to this suit, I now think more like a dominatrix too."


"Well, well. Look who's up." Rachel said to her boss, Dave, "W..what? Rachel? I..." He replied back; taking note of 'his' body, and hearing 'his' voice. 
He definitely knew who's body he was in. It was his mistress/secretary from work, Rachel. He also remembered last night's throes of passion as both of them caressed each other vigorously. It was a wonderful night, but something seemed odd about it too. Rachel seemed to be going through the motions in a way, and when he finally climaxed; things went dark. Now as he laid down with his butt in the air, he couldn't help but feel a sudden dampness. "What you've just experienced is a body swap, dear. And now your mind is resetting itself. Getting used to your new female anatomy." She explained to him, "You might feel incredibly loose. If you want, I could help with that." Her hand moved towards his back, and slowly carried down to his waist.
"B-but why? Why t…


"Shit man, I think they've gotten bigger since last time." John said as he touched his breasts.
It was bad enough that people assumed he was some bimbo, thanks to his ex-girlfriend cursing him. But he also had to deal with a lot of other changes that physically, and mentally altered him; sometimes in big ways, and some times in small ways. His breasts getting bigger was small in comparison to what happened a few days ago. For some reason: his IQ had been steadily decreasing in this form. He would act like a ditz around other men, and his libido would raise up around them too. It was as if his ex wanted to make his experience as miserable as possible. While his body screamed, yes. His mind would constantly be struggling between wanting sex, and denying that he was enjoying it. 
Even touching himself would send his senses into overdrive, and he was back to his horny self in no time flat.


"Drugged...she...drugged me..." Aaron said breathily as he started to regain his lucidity. His neighbor's wife, Alexia, was a pretty smooth talker. She also happened to be a master at creating mind altering drugs that would make people talk. Not only that, but the drugs also caused them to swap bodies.
It was a bit weird when she started hitting on him, but he wasn't really thinking clearly either. Thanks to copious amounts of booze; he found himself quite agreeable to her commands. Which is how he ended up in her body to begin with. He could recount what she told him before about how unhappy she had been in her marriage. She said that it'd been falling apart for a long time, and that she wanted a fresh start. Even her come on to him was a ploy to get what she really wanted. 
She had been secretly seeing another woman from the neighborhood. And that's where Aaron came in. Aaron would take her place, and she would take his. He knew that meant he would be the …

She Did This

"That bitch did this to me." Kevin muttered under his breath. 
He knew that his ex was responsible for him turning into a woman, but she always denied it. He could tell by the way she acted around him, though. Almost like she was happy that he was stuck with a pair of tits. He could never prove that she was a witch, but he had an inkling about her being one. "Hi Kelly. How're you doing?" She smirked as he glared at her, "Doing fine, bitch. How about you?" He replied back as he noticed her shit eating grin. "Aww. Tut, tut. You wouldn't want to anger me, would you?" As soon as she said that, he could feel something shifting under his shirt.
"HEY" He yelled out in shock. His breasts seemed to grow bigger, and his nipples started secreting milk. Nobody but him seemed to react to what just happened. Which meant that she somehow was altering reality as well as his body. "By the way: if you try telling anybody about this, nobody…