Expectant Mother

"What the hell did that crazy bitch do to me?!" Ryan angrily stomped his foot.
When he woke up this morning feeling sick, he thought it was because of all the drinking done last night. Unfortunately for him, it was much worse than just a bad hangover. Seeing his somewhat darker skin pigment and the obvious feminine features, he could feel his head swimming from all of the sensations his body was giving off. But what really caught his eye was the bulging belly. Apparently that woman at the bar didn't think it was too funny that he called her a beached whale; especially since she was actually pregnant. Now he was the one who had to worry about being a mother.


"Hungover and without clothes. Typical." Jake thought as he scouted the hotel room out for his clothes.
When he awoke to the smell of sweat and liquor, he automatically knew that last night actually happened. He was now the desperate milf looking for love in all the wrong places. Of course, he wasn't just going to let this drag him down. He had to find that witch who did this to him and make her change him back. It wasn't going to be easy. Especially in such a huge city like this. He was determined enough to not care about it though. "First I need to find my clothes and..." His eyes widened at the sight of a massive dildo next to the bed, "Well, I was alone. That's for damn sure." He chuckled slightly at that. 
Unfortunately for him; his clothes were on the side walk down below. Seemingly in his drunken stupor, he threw his clothes out the window by accident.


"Very funny, Valerie. Now give me back my body!" Charles demanded. 
Valerie was having way too much fun at the expense of her jerkass boss, but she wasn't finished yet. In fact: she wanted to do something even more drastic. "Look, Val. If you want me to even consider giving you this body back, you're gonna have to do something for me." She replied back, "What? There's no room for negotiation! You either give me back my body or else.." He was cut off mid-sentence, "Or else? You have no power in this situation, sweetie. You either do as I say or you get kicked to the curb." She smirked slightly at the exasperated expression on her former face. She also felt herself becoming aroused at the mere sight of her cleavage, and she couldn't help but unbuckle her boss's belt. " for the thing I wanted. What say you and I go upstairs to have a little bit of fun?" Valerie smiled and gave a conniving wink, "What? You…


"Seriously, Rebecca. Change me back." Pete yelled at his wife's friend, "Fraid I can't do that, Pete. Hopefully you understand. Desperate times call for desperate measures." She replied back in a smarmy tone. 
Pete always felt uncomfortable around Rebecca. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew she was up to something. Of course, he was right. Unfortunately for him, he was too late to stop her. Now he was stuck as this big tittied bimbo. To everyone; including his wife, he was Rebecca's slutty friend, Allie. Not only that, but he would soon find out that Rebecca was now married to his former wife. Which was the plan all along.

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Saving Grace?

Well, I've been on a roll lately with my caption writing. I feel pretty good about myself, which is a rare thing nowadays. I don't know who watches my blog or reads my stuff, but you guys are pretty great. I know I'm not the best at this stuff, but I just have fun doing it.


Are there any people who are Pro-Palestine?

I'm Pro-Palestine and I'm wondering if anyone shares my views..